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Border Collie Rescue, Australia
Border Collies Wanted

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photo currently unavailableAdult BC --- Posted 26/2/2022 ---

Maragaret River family seeking adult BC.

This family have been dog sitting a border collie on and off for 12 months and love the breed for their intelligence and companionship. We are considering adopting a mature border collie. We want a family pet, not a working dog. We are a family of five (three children 11, 9 and 7) and live on a rural property near Margaret River, Western Australia. At least one family members is a keen and frequent runner. The property is not fenced and there are cattle on the farm, so a BC with at least a moderate level of obedience (sound recall), and no interest in livestock is sought. If you are considering a rehoming a BC in WA that might fit the bill, please contact as below: Contact details: Rachael 0424 350 328 / rachaelgunderson@hotmail.com posted Feb 26, 2022

For general information on BC rescue email  bcrescueaustralia@gmail.com 


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