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  • Many BCs in Dog Pounds Assorted BCs (Australia-wide)

  • Kimba 10 year old, stunning, mismarked black and white female BC (Qld)

  • Jack 11 month old, short coat black and white male BC (Southern Wollongong)

  • Zak 11 year old, gentle male BC (inner sydney)

  • Paddy 5 month old female BC (Muswellbrook, NSW)

  • Storm 9 year old classic black and white female BC (Muswellbrook, NSW)


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Assorted BCs

There is now a website specifically to list working dogs in pounds. If you would consider adopting a BC direct from a pound, then please have a look. Many dogs die each week in pounds due to the lack of sufficient good homes. Click here to go directly to the section for Border Collies.


Kimba --- (posted 22/1/2016) ---

Kimba was rescued a couple of years ago, almost dead, left on the side of a road. She found a caring home, and has blossomed into a gorgeous and loving, loyal companion. Kimba has a full coat, more white than black, and is really a charmer! Unfortunuately, Kimba was probably not socialised well with other dogs or with young humans, so she isn't comfortable in a home that now has a toddler. A caring home without small children is sought, where Kimba might have love and regular exercise. If you are looking for a dog past puppyhood, then Kimba might be the girl for you. please contact Clare on 0408 709 265


Jack --- (posted 16/2/2016) ---

Jack is a slender and active young puppy. He is from NZ stock, and has a short coat. Jack is currently living with a family with several children. He plays with them but he is a bit too boisterous and bouncy for them really. He also likes to herd people's ankles. He probably has a lot of potential for herding or other active dog sports. A new home is being sought for Jack because he can't resist barking at the other dogs in the neighbourhood, or the birds in the trees, or whatever else might be the current distraction. A home that can manage his energy and give him outlets is sought. He will need ongoing management and training. Jack will need to be desexed as a condition of his rehoming. For more info on Jack please contact Grant on 0431 011 433.


Zak --- (posted 11/3/2016) ---

Zak is a lovely, gentle 11 yo boy who is used to children and loves people. He is very well socialised, with people and with other dogs. he likes car rides and meeting new people. You only have to look into his eyes to see he is a smart dog. Zak is scared of thunderstorms, and he would want a family who understood that he needs access to a refuge if there is going to be a storm. Zak's current family dont' have the time or space for him, sadly, and they are hoping to find a family who will. for more info please contact Simeon on 0412 818 676


Paddy --- (posted 11/3/2016) ---

Paddy is a very young, smooth coated, mostly black girl who has been rescued and is now looking for a home. Paddy is very intelligent, with a strong prey drive, focussed and in need of a job to do. She has learned fast, but needs a lot of socialising as her early life has resulted in less practical socialisation, especially with other dogs, than would have been desirable. Paddy is about to be desexed, and will then be looking for a home that wants an active and responsive companion. Paddy wants a family with plans to make her part of the family. For more info please contact Juli on 0412 074 933 or 0419 248 477.


Storm --- (posted 12/4/2016) ---

Storm is a smallish, sweet black and white girl who was saved by a good samaritan. She is a very friendly girl who loves to go for walks, and to play, but is also very happy to be your conpanion. Storm's long coat is currently trimmed back, but will soon grow again. She is an obedient and endearing little girl who just needs a family to want her. Storm is desexed, vaccinated etc and for more info you can contact Ellen on 0487 110 522.

For general information on BC rescue email  bcra@bcra.org.au 


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