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  • Many BCs in Dog Pounds Assorted BCs (Australia-wide)

  • Lucy 3 - 4 year old black and white female BC cross (Tamworth)

  • Bonnie and Clyde 10 year old pair, male and female BCs (Brisbane)

  • Indy 7 yo female BC Kelpie cross(Central Coast, NSW)

  • Tarni 10 yo classic black and white female BC (Gold Coast, QLD)

  • Nala 3 1/2 yo female black and white BC cross Bull Terrier (Southern Wollongong)


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Assorted BCs

There is now a website specifically to list working dogs in pounds. If you would consider adopting a BC direct from a pound, then please have a look. Many dogs die each week in pounds due to the lack of sufficient good homes. Click here to go directly to the section for Border Collies.


Lucy --- (posted 10/7/2016) ---

Lucy was found, an unchipped, unidentifiable stray 2 years ago. Her family love her but she needs more "people time" than they can give. Lucy is black and white with a shorter, thinner coat than a classic BC. She is extremely friendly and sees it as her job to play fetch. She gets along great with our other male dog and dogs of her own size but doesn't seem to like smaller female dogs. She is great on the lead, a great jogging partner and she loves to play ball at the park. Its not very often that she will bark or make much noise but may howl along with the sirens. She has got a fair sized yard to play in at the moment but she loves to have open space or at least someone who may be able to give her more time. As she moves around very quickly she may not be suited to a family that has small children. She is a very happy dog but does get frightened by storms or loud cracking noises, this is when she proves to us that she is a great Houdini and will get out any way possible. Lucy needs a home that will prevent her from escaping, and give her the ongoing mental and physical stimulation that a BC needs. For more info please contact Jacqui on 0409796071


Bonnie and Clyde --- (posted 14/12/2016) ---

Bonnie and Clyde's family have had to relocate, and the new home isn't ideal for an active pair of BCs. Bonnie and Clyde have been together since they were pups, and a home where they can stay together is preferred. If you were after a ready-made BC family, which is over its 'wild' years, then Bonnie and Clyde are made for the role. For more info on the pair please contact Angela on 0400 184 367 or email angelafratar@me.com


Indy --- (posted 13/2/2017) ---

Indy is a beautiful and much loved family pet, but after some debate her family have decided that they must be able to find a home that can manage her more successfully. Their location is against them, and this is something to take into account when looking at a new home. Indy is a loyal, loving girl who can be walked without a lead - unless she sees another dog, in which case she is going to desperately want to go and say hello. She is a very social girl. Indy is pretty well trained, she knows quite a few commands and will wait to eat until she is give the OK. Indy is also gentle with children and loves a cuddle. HOwever, Indy is an anxious girl and she is particularly upset by construction noise. A home in a quiet area, which can manage her exposure to noise, is sought. When she gets scared Indy will scale fences, so a plan to keep her safe in the yard is also needed. Although she does return home after escaping, it is not an OK behaviour, as she could get into trouble while out. Since she is house-trained, a home where she can be indoors when on her own would be ideal. If you would like a loving girl past puppyhood, who just wants to be safe in your household, then Indy might fit the bill. For more info on Indy please email cassandrablok@hotmail.com or phone 0439 043 757


Tarni --- (posted 17/2/2017) ---

Tarni is a pretty, classically marked girl who was rescued by her current carer, as she was unwanted in her previous home. Tarni is an older girl, and is not wanting to be really active, like a youngster. However she does love to swim, and is currently getting a swim every day - which she revels in. Tarni loves people and she loves attention. She is not enthused about other dogs. Basically Tarni is looking for a relaxed home where she can become one of the family, without being expected to run or play frisbee. For more info please contact Kate on 0477 655 648


Nala --- (posted 7/3/2017) ---

Nala is simply a sweetie, who loves all the usual BC pastimes, including going to the beach, walks, tug and fetch. She also likes cats, and generally other dogs, tho a little dog barking at her makes her react. Nala loves interacting with her people. She is used to being an outdoor dog, but would love to be allowed to stay indoors with her family. Nala's youth and reactivity make her best suited to a family with older children. For more info on Nala place contact Terese at tacaroid@gmail.com or phone 0415 669 953

For general information on BC rescue email  bcra@bcra.org.au 


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